Sorry everyone, our original “July Insanity” post was just too complicated and confusing, so we’re making it much simpler. We want you to help us promote Clicky, and in exchange, we’re giving away 100 free 1 year premium accounts, and also 50% affiliate commissions for the entire month of July.

50% affiliate commissions

Anyone who creates an account in the month of July through your affiliate link, if they ever sign up for paid service you will receive a 50% commission on their first payment, no matter when that actually happens (tomorrow, or next year). This is up to a $50 commission per person! There are no requirements here, just promote Clicky however you want and give out your affiliate link.

100 free premium accounts

The first 100 people who post a full review of Clicky on their blog or web site in the month of July will win a free 1 year premium account. The review must meet the requirements below, and don’t forget to include your affiliate link in it as well. If you’re willing to do a 3+ minute video review (instead of a written review), we’ll throw in an extra $25 cash to the first 10 that do this (we just really want to see a few of these).

If your site gets at least 100 daily visitors on average, you will get a free 1 year Pro account, worth $60. Otherwise, you will get a free 1 year Blogger account, worth $24. Features of the different accounts are listed here.

Review requirements:

  • 300 or more words
  • 1 or more screenshots
  • The review must be new and original
  • The review must be displayed on your front page
  • To win a Pro account, you must have Clicky tracking on the site, so we can verify traffic levels.
  • Email a LINK to your review to Sean, with “Clicky Review” in the subject.