We have finally added a 24 hour time formatting option, so you’ll see e.g. “15:30” instead of “3:30pm”. This change should affect everywhere you see time within a site’s reports, but if we missed something, let us know. You can change this setting in your site preferences.

The defaults when registering a new site also just got a lot smarter. Those of you with lots of sites probably get annoyed with how many preferences you have to change every time you register a new site – particularly if you are not on the west coast of the US. Now, any time you register a new site, we’ll grab the following preferences from the last site you registered and make them the default for the new one (which you can of course change if desired):

  • Time format (12/24 hour)
  • Time zone
  • Daylight savings
  • Anonymous IP logging
  • Hide hostnames in visitors list
  • Hide ISPs