Changes to premium accounts!

We have recently added a new level of premium that we are calling “Pro”, which is now an option alongside the existing premium account, that we are now calling “Blogger”. The Pro account includes support for up to 10 web sites and 50,000 daily page views (total), as well as some additional features (SSL, API, Data export, and no sponsors – note that API and Export are not yet available though – works in progess!). The Blogger account has been changed to allow up to 3 sites included in the base price, instead of charging on a per site basis.

As a huge “THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU!” to all the early birds who showed their support for us before May 11 (when this new account became available), you have all been given free upgrades to either “true” Pro accounts, or a special account we have created just for you that includes all of the Pro features except for the “10 sites” part (you get 3 instead). Which one you got depends on how much you originally paid. We had to make this distinction because everyone has paid different amounts depending on how many sites they had, and we want the higher spenders to feel they’re getting their money’s worth. Either way, everyone is getting more than they originally paid for. Can’t complain about that!

Changes to free accounts!

We recently sent out an email to all our ‘free’ account holders about some important changes that take effect Thursday, May 17. Most of you are unaffected, but everyone else will need to react accordingly before the 17th!

First, we will be limiting free accounts to a maximum of three registered web sites. If you have more than 3 sites and wish to continue monitoring traffic for all of them, we ask that you please upgrade to our premium service. If you do not wish to pay, please send us an email telling us which three web sites you would like to keep and we will remove the others. Also, remember that free sites are limited to 1,000 page views / day average. We have been pretty lax about this but we will be a bit more strict about it come the 17th!

Second, support for secure sites (SSL) will become a premium only feature. Very few hosted analyzers offer support for SSL. It is a very valuable feature, but it also requires a lot more processing power on our end. For this reason, it will be premium only.

Finally, if any of your web sites are business related, or you make money on your site from something other than ads (e.g. you sell goods or services), it is now a requirement to upgrade to our premium service.

You can upgrade to premium serviceĀ here.