There is finally an interface for you to view your affiliate status. There is a new box on your userhome page that shows your balance as well as how many users have signed up through your link, and if you follow the link it shows more detail, including each individual commission. Obligatory screenshot (click to see bigger):

Another oft-requested feature has been to give your sites “nick names”. This is especially useful if the site you’re tracking is not at the root domain level, or if you are tracking multiple paths in seperate accounts on the same root domain. You can add nicknames to any of your sites by ‘editing’ it from your user home.

We recently added a new search feature but it doesn’t look like many of you have discovered it yet. It’s called “keywords” and instead of grouping all of your search queries together by the full query, this extracts each word from all of the searches that have lead to your site and groups them by each word, so you can see what topics are bringing the most traffic. This can be found under the main ‘searches’ tab.

At the end of this month, we are going to be discontinuing graphical sponsors, and go back to text sponsors only. We feel they are just too distracting from our clean and sexy interface.

The ‘massive update’ mentioned previously is underway, and the hope is to have it ready to test within two weeks time. Meanwhile, expect other minor updates such as the ones mentioned here.

I was thinking about starting a public changelog, so that people could be aware of all the changes to Clicky that they might be interested in, without me having to write a blog post about all of them. What do you think? I plan to always write a blog post about major updates, but there are many minor things that I haven’t talked about simply because I don’t want to write a whole post about them.