We had a customer request for being alerted by visits from certain organizations, whether generic in nature (the example given here was “school”), or something more specific.

Yeah we should have already had this. Took less than 30 minutes to add it. This will be extremely useful for those of you who use Clicky as a lead generation tool.

Another example would be, pretend you work at a newspaper and you have a feeling that a major competing newspaper is stealing your stories. Setup an alert to see when they visit, as shown in the screenshot below. (Not saying NYT does this of course, it’s just an example).

This will match both organization names and hostnames.

UPDATE JAN 10: We just made another change to alerts, so the item that triggered the alert is now included in the alert notification. For example if you use wildcards in organization alerts, more than one organization can trigger that alert, but you won’t know what the actual organization is until you click through and arrive at our web site. We’ve had this request before and now especially with the new organization alerts, we figured it was time we added this. This change affects all alert types of course, not just organizations.

While making this change we also found a bug with alerts for dynamic campaigns (ones that use “UTM” variables). Namely, alerts didn’t work for these at all. This has been fixed!