Update We have found a designer that we have decided to work with based on the drafts he submitted, so we are closing the contest at this point. Thanks to everyone who submitted a design!

We are looking for a new logo. The one we have now is really just a place holder, and we don’t like it at all. We’d like the logo to convey the idea of “clicking” or “tracking”, since that’s what we’re about. But we’re not pros in this are – even just a really cool font might be nice. We’d like to include the words “web statistics” in the logo like it does now, minus the “beta” of course (we’re about to launch). The colors aren’t too important, but we do like blue and yellow, and orange too. We have no problem changing or removing the yellow background gradient if it doesn’t work with your design. You could also submit a background to go with your logo as well.

We can’t promise that we will use a logo if you submit one. We might not like it, or we might want some changes done to it. So if you have an idea, don’t spend TOO much time on it. Just make a rough draft and send it our way, we will take a gander and tell you what we think. If we get enough submissions, we might create a post here with our favorites and have the community give us feedback and help us choose.

As for compensation, we will give you free Clicky for as long as we use your logo, and we will give credit to you along with a link to your web site. (Yes, Clicky is free to everyone right now, but after we launch it will be a pay service). If you would rather be paid cash, we can arrange that, but we won’t be able to pay you for at least a month or two.

Please submit your logos to our email. If you have questions, you can leave comments here or send us an email as well. Thanks!