[Update: This has been fixed!]

On Friday, Google appears to have made a change that’s affecting tracking for blogspot.com hosted sites. A significant portion of our userbase is tracking blogspot.com sites so we want to get this figured out as fast as possible.

The issue is strange. The majority of people saying tracking broke, it’s only affecting visitors from Germany. This raises a red flag to me, as I know Germany has strict privacy laws. Google may have agreed to block third party scripts from loading for people who visit blogspot.com sites and live in Germany. That’s a stretch but… who knows.

Another possibility is that Google is “forcing” their dynamic view templates on visitors in certain countries now, either as a test or that’s just the way it is. I know that it is not possible to track blogspot sites that use this new format, so that would explain it. However it seems strange Google would do such a thing, especially without publicly announcing it first. The last post on their¬†blog¬†was 3 weeks ago.

The frustrating thing is that everyone who has contacted us, I’ve gone to their site and verified the code is still installed. I click around on multiple pages, then view their visitor report on Clicky and verify every page I viewed was logged correctly. So everything seems fine. The code is there. I get tracked. But the stats for all of these sites are definitely way off compared to last week, so yes, something is wrong – but it’s not on our end.

And of course, there’s no way to contact Google about this, other than praying they see this post.

Does anyone know what is going on or have any ideas?