You thought the sneak peek of our new interface was hot? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

You like Foursquare. You like Clicky. Why not combine the two? Exactly what we were thinking! Every time you visit a site with the Clicky tracking code installed, we’ll automatically tweet out from your Twitter account which web site you are viewing. Combined with Foursquare, not only will all your followers know WHERE you are every second of every day, but also what you’re doing on the internet – every second of every day!

And what would be a check in service without super amazing badges to earn? Here’s a preview!

Old habits die hard
Awarded for logging on to any web site with IE6

Awarded for logging on to your own web site 20+ times in one day

Going to store ROFL
Awarded for logging on to Twitter 50+ times in one day and sharing way too much personal information with your followers

I can has cheezburger?
Awarded for uploading 20+ photos of your cat to any photo sharing web site

Reality Distortion Field
Awarded for purchasing an 10+ iPads on within 2 weeks of launch

Night owl
Awarded for using the internet non-stop between 12am and 5am

Awarded for logging on to 50+ naughty web sites sites in one week

Lookin’ for Love
Awarded for visiting any craigslist personals category

Awarded for ordering pizza online 7 nights in a row

Awarded for being part of the swarm from slashdot/digg/reddit that brings down a web site

That’s only a small preview. We’ll have over 5,000 badges ready to go when this feature launches next week. Hope you love it!