The new version of Clicky introduced some new functionality into our tracking code that make it absolutely perfect for tracking visitor interactions on Ajax and/or Flash sites. This is something we have wanted to track for a while on, as we obviously make heavy use of Ajax on the dashboard, and some other areas too. But without getting into our raw Apache logs (yuck), we had no idea how often people were clicking the dashboard module subtabs, or the trend links, or the site and date selector menus. We figured it was a pretty high number, and thanks to the new Clicky, we have discovered we were right. Yay, progress!

Since we implemented this into our javascript interface code (search for “clicky.log”), our daily action count jumped from almost 50,000/day to almost 70,000/day. This is a huge metric we were missing out on, and it’s added a ton of value into our own understanding of how all of you are using our site. You can see our click counts here:

I have just updated our customized tracking documentation in the help section that details everything you need to know to integrate this type of tracking into your own Ajax or Flash web site. I know some of you have been waiting for this, so I hope it meets your needs!