Professional users can now get email reports for any and/or all data types on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. They are sent in a split HTML/plain format so if you have a good email client they will be nicely stylized. They’re completely customizable so you only get the data that you want to get. Each report can be sent to up to 10 unique email addresses.

To setup a report for any site, go to that site’s preferences area. There’s a new sub-tab called email reports, which is where the magic happens.

Here’s a picture of the configuration screen. What you can’t see at the bottom is the section that allows you to send the same report for any of your other registered sites (you pick which ones). This allows you to create and manage just one report and then assign it to any of your other sites with a single click.

And here’s what the report looks like in Gmail:

Google Analytics probably has the best email reports of any service, because they are basically just screenshots of the actual service. That’s really cool, and not something we’re capable of doing at the moment. But Google aside, I think our email reports best any other service out there.

Let’s take Statcounter for example. They are the #1 “indie” statistics service, in terms of number of sites tracked. Here’s the configuration screen you get with Statcounter. The only data you can get is your visitors and page views count, and the only configurable option is whether you want it weekly or monthly (not both):

And here’s what a Statcounter report looks like:

I think we’ve raised the bar.