We’ve got a lot of buns in the oven right now, many of which are waiting for that database transform to be completed. All database servers are done, except for the one, the only, db1, which is lagging badly at barely 33% done. It should be done by this weekend though. (If you have a site on db1 and are tired of it being laggy, read this).

It’s been fairly quiet around here recently, but we have in fact been working like mad behind the scenes, as usual. So I wanted to share with you the features we have planned for the next couple of months, all of which we plan to have out by the end of March 2009.

  • In depth per page analysis, e.g. for your “/contact” page, view the top countries, top searches leading to it, top referrers to it, percent of views that were landing/exit (meaning first or last action of a session), average time spent on page – ETC!
  • Filter visitors by number of actions, including support for less than, greater than, and equal to (e.g. at least 10, exactly 1, less than 3, etc)
  • Filter visitors by amount of time spent on site (at least 5 minutes, less than 1 minute, etc).
  • Filter visitors by revenue (at least $1000, exactly $100, less than $100, “any” amount of revenue, etc)
  • Filter visitors by a page URL (e.g. all visitors who viewed “/contact”)
  • Goals: Support for javascript/onclick events to complete a goal
  • Goals: More up front details about revenue in views outside of the main goals page
  • Goals: View history (timeline graph) for conversion rate and/or revenue for any goal
    API for adding data to a session after the fact (e.g. declaring a goal as completed, adding/changing revenue, etc)
  • Clicking an item under “links” or “pages” will by default invoke visitor filtering for that item, rather than going to it (e.g. clicking “/contact” would fitler your visitors by that page, instead of going to the contact page on your web site). To actually go to the link/page, there will be an arrow next to the item to click, if you want to do that instead.
  • Much better mirror/sub-domain support
  • Hourly data figures for visitors and actions
  • Track figures for page views, outbounds, downloads, and “clicks” seperately (dashboard module “the basics” will have expandable view to see this extra data for the total actions value)
  • Super Mega Ultra Spy (this will blow you away)
  • Visitor groups – kind of like a “saved” filter, e.g. all visitors from the US who arrived via Google and use Firefox. Groups will be able to be used as funnels for goals, which will be amazing.
  • Interface to update your credit card details, instead of forcing you to sign up for a new subscription when your card expires or you need to change it for whatever reason.

As you can see, that’s quite a number of things coming soon. So be patient, and it will all eventually be yours!