Clicky now has an official WordPress plugin available for those of you with self hosted WordPress blogs. “Self hosted” is the key phrase. Blogs on the domain aren’t allowed to install plugins! 🙁

This plugin automatically adds your tracking code to the bottom of all pages on your site, you just have to give it your site id. It also automatically filters out traffic from admins (can be disabled) and does the whole “custom data tracking” thingamabob for users with PRO accounts (automatically names your visitors based on what they have entered in your comment field, can be disabled).

The plugin is available here! If you install this plugin, be sure to REMOVE your current tracking code that you had installed previously, as you can’t have more than one!

I don’t have a WordPress blog so it hasn’t been thoroughly tested, but worked fine for a test blog I set up. It was tested on version 2.1. I’m guessing it will work fine with 2.0 and 2.2, but probably not anything before 2.0. I’m not a WordPress expert, but this plugin is pretty simple so I don’t foresee any problems. Please report on any compatibility issues, your comments and bug reports are welcome!