Our IP ignore/filtering system has been updated a bit. You can now attach description to each IP address, so you can remember who each one is or why it is being ignored.

This is also a new option to set a cookie to permanently ignore visitors from your computer to your web site, no matter what its IP address is. To do this, go to the IP ignore page for that web site and click the “cookie” link. If you have more than one web site, or want this enabled on more than one computer or web browser, you must do this step for each individual site/computer/browser. I can’t tell you how many times this feature has been requested, so go and enjoy it! ­čÖé

The┬áuser homepage┬áhas also been updated a little bit, to make better use of space – it was getting a bit cluttered. Expect some more updates to it soon as well. MyBlogLog has been disabled for the moment but it will be back.

Our┬áhelp section┬áhas been completely revamped, and includes a number of new questions and answers, including a lot more details on our affiliate program. It’s also now organized into different sections via the tabs at the top, so it’s not just one huge wall of text anymore.

What’s in the pipeline? Currently we’re working on outbound click tracking, export to CSV, and an API to track custom data, which will be especially well suited for AJAX sites. We are hoping to have all of these features available within a few weeks, so stay tuned.