But, the transformation on this server is not yet completed. We have elected to temporarily halt the final stage of this process in favor of letting you all back in. We’re jumping right back in to real time. Traffic from about 10PM Friday to 2AM Sunday USA PST (the time this server has been inaccessible) has not been processed yet, but we have it, and it will be processed soon. Individual visitor data from about the beginning of November through 10PM Friday has not been converted to the new format yet, so it will be blank. Well, what I mean is, you will still see the visitors in your list, but they will have no information associated with them other than an IP address. We will be converting this traffic in chunks every few hours and will be done within a couple days. (All other data like popular searches, number of visitors, etc, is all completed though – the only thing missing is visitors and actions).

Clicky is much more about “right now” than anything else, so we hope this is an acceptable solution for most of you. We of course did not want it to happen like this, and are very sorry about any inconvenience, but we feel not having ANY access to your data is far worse than temporarily losing access to the last few months but still being able to get the here and now.