Kaspersky is an anti-virus and “online security” software suite. They have decided that getclicky.com is a malicious tracking service and have blocked access to it for anyone using their software. I have contacted them more than once and they refuse to acknowledge the problem and just send me generic form responses about the steps I need to take if I’m having problems accessing the internet. However, I have been contacted by at least 10 unique users who have pinned down the problem to their software. When they disable it, suddenly they can access getclicky.com. Hmm, amazing coincidence, that.

I figure, if they suddenly get a bunch of support requests specifically for problems with getclicky.com, maybe they’ll fix it. It doesn’t matter if you actually use this product, we’re just asking you to submit a support request for this problem. Tell them you use their online security software and when it’s enabled you are unable to access getclicky.com, but you can access all of the other sites you regularly visit, and when you disable their software, you can then access getclicky.com.

We’re very thankful to any of you who are able to help us out with this issue. It is a serious issue, as this product has a fairly large install base.

Consider this a birthday gift from you to me. I turned 31 today and I’m feeling awfully old. 🙁