You should be seeing a new yet familiar icon in the Clicky tab bar. We have just released a new module that lets you access your FeedBurner stats from within our service. We had thought about providing our own tracking service for feeds initially, but FeedBurner provides such an amazing service already that we just don’t see any reason to. Luckily they do provide an API to access statistics very easily – something that Clicky will be providing to premium members as well in the near future.

This new module requires you to be running your site feed through FeedBurner, obviously. You’ll also need to enable the Awareness API on your FeedBurner feed (screenshot), and give Clicky your FeedBurner URI (screenshot) on your site management page, which you can access from your user homepage.

You can see it in action for our own blog RSS stats, here, although we just started using FeedBurner a few days ago so our stats are a bit boring. As well, we don’t have a premium FeedBurner account, so you won’t be able to play with the “Views” and “Clickthroughs” sections. But here is a screenshot with some dummy data to give you the gist of it. Enjoy!