We just pushed the fruit of our labor up to production servers and holy cow is it delicious! Take a big ol’ bite and dig in boys and girls.

When you login you will see a message at the top that our terms and privacy policy updated so please review the changes to them by clicking the link. That page also covers the changes to Clicky itself, which are pretty much almost exactly what we mentioned in our last post.

As requested and as made sense as we did research, you are in control of your visitor privacy settings. The new default setting is to apply max privacy to “all visitors” and but you can change that to just “EEA visitors” or “no visitors” – but you can’t select “no visitors” until the new terms have been accepted because that is the setting that will log “Personal Data” for visitors in the EEA (European Economic Area).

There’s tons of new info all around the site so I will leave you with the following links.

Page to review all changes and accept new terms and privacy policy

Change your privacy settings on your user prefs page

Lots of juicy info has been added to our knowledge base

Our privacy shield certification is still pending, not sure it will be ready by May 25 but know that it’s coming as soon as possible!

Lastly we haven’t yet finished the tools to help you respond to Personal Data requests from EEA visitors. Those are in process though and will be ready by May 25.

Have fun!