Geolocation is currently rolling out. That means you will see the country where each of your visitors is located! Currently it’s only in your visitors section but it should be in Clicks and Sessions as well by the end of the day. If you don’t know what country a flag represents, just hover your mouse over the flag and the country name will appear.

Originally we were looking up all the countries of your old visitors information as well, but there are so many IP addresses already and it’s more intensive than I’d like to look this information up. So instead you’ll just see the geolocation of your visitors from this point forward. There was a cron job running for about 24 hours that was looking up 1000 new IP’s every 10 minutes, but it was draining too many resources. But because of that cron job, we do have geolocation of all your visitors from about Dec 12 5pm US Pacific time going forward.

We’d like to say “THANKS!” to the fine folks at for the amazing flag icons, and to for providing the IP country lookup database. Both of these are FREE resources so check them out if you’re interested in adding similar functionality to your own web application. I’ve attached a picture below of what all the flags look like, hopefully you agree they look really nice! 🙂