You may have noticed that we’re now live on! Yay!

For 6 years, our brand has always been “Clicky”. Excluding our domain name, nowhere on our site has the brand “GetClicky” ever been mentioned, other than some testimonials that we didn’t edit. However, because of the old domain name, the majority people have always referred to us as “GetClicky”. It didn’t help that our Twitter handle was also @getclicky, but we wanted it to match our domain name (bad idea). It’s always kind of driven us insane, but it’s been an interesting lesson. If you can afford the right domain name, do yourself a favor and buy it as soon as possible. We paid a pretty freaking penny for, but the second it was in our possession was just pure unadulterated joy.

We’ve had the @clicky Twitter handle from the beginning, but it was just a placeholder. We’ve now swapped @getclicky with @clicky so all of our followers and tweet history remains in place. Fun fact, Twitter does not offer an official method to do this – you have to actually relinquish your brand for a brief few seconds while you swap things around, which is extremely nerve racking to say the least. So @clicky became @clickyx, @getclicky became @clicky, and last @clickyx became @getclicky. Scary 20 seconds or so. Anyways, please note: If you tweet at us in the future, use @clicky, not @getclicky! But if you were already following us you will keep getting our tweets without having to do anything.

Any page viewed on is now redirected to, with a little note at the top about updating your bookmarks. That note will go away in a few weeks, but for now we want as many people to notice the change as possible.

You do NOT need to update your tracking code, because isn’t going anywhere. Your existing tracking code, along with any integrations you have with the API, widgets, or whatever via, all will continue to work. Going forward, will only be seen in the tracking code (we are using it indefinitely for tracking). And we’ll continue to use it for email, for now at least, since that’s a nightmare to change. So… = web site domain, = tracking domain, email, and indefinite backwards compatibility.

This was not as easy as just acquiring and pointing it to a new IP address. A service of our size and complexity, there’s a LOT of things to deal with when changing your domain name. My checklist is ridiculous in length and I hope to go into it more in a later blog post.

There may be a few bugs lying around… we’ll squash them tomorrow as they come to our attention.