Today Google released their new browser, Google Chrome, and we’ve already added support for it into Clicky, as can be seen by the screenshot below:

I think Google made a lot of good decisions with the design of this browser (each tab its own process, etc). I’ve been playing around with it for an hour or two and it’s pretty slick. Until it adds a bunch more customization, however (more preferences, and extensions like Firefox has), I don’t think I could ever use it full time. One preference I really need is focusing on a new tab when it is opened as the result of a middle click on a link. Most browsers default to making new tabs open in the background, but all have a preference to change this behavior. Not Chrome though!

Oh well. I still think it’s impressive for a first release.

Update Well, Chrome is certainly a hit. We analyzed the data from all 45,000 sites on our service, and Chrome has a 2% global market share. We made this page that shows the live figure (updated every 15 minutes)!