As HTTPS becomes more and more common for even just the simplest of blogs, we’ve decided to allow the tracking of HTTPS sites for all customers, including free customers and those on our grandfathered “Starter” plan. is now also available over a secured HTTPS connection for all customers. Previously we only offered this to paying customers. One of the main reasons for this was that our advertising company,, didn’t support ads being displayed over HTTPS. We offset the cost of offering free service by the revenue we make from our ads, so we had no choice in this department. BSA just pushed out HTTPS (on top of its existing IPsec support, which is similar but a bit different) so now is available via HTTPS to all customers, paying or not.

We only force HTTPS on our web site when you’re logged in. If you want to disable the full time HTTPS for any reason, you can do that in your user preferences.