We just released a more generic version of the mobile interface for other mobile phones. It is available at the same address, m.getclicky.com. The iPhone site has been moved to i.getclicky.com. For all of you who have already bookmarked m.getclicky.com on your iPhone, we automatically detect if you have a WebKit browser and redirect you to the iPhone page. We’re doing WebKit detection instead of iPhone/iPod detection, since any WebKit browser (such as Android’s upcoming release) should have the same features as Safari on the iPhone.

The interface for the generic mobile site isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, because cell phones have such a wide variety of quality when it comes to the web browser. So it’s just really basic, but it has all the same features/data available as the iPhone. I’ll probably add a little CSS in the future to make it prettier, but it gets the job done for the moment.

We also just added “Spy” to the iPhone version! It doesn’t fade in new actions like the normal Clicky does, but it’s just as “live”, so you can leave it open and see new stuff as it’s happening, without having to manually reload.