I just spent 59 minutes on hold and talking to 3 different ESL techs before they finally approved an RMA for the Linksys Gigabit Switch SR2016 that died horribly last month on us, as mentioned here. So I figured, hey, I’ll take this opportunity to publicly complain about this terrible product and hope that with this blog’s good SEO puts this post near the top of Google et al. for searches such as “linksys gigabit switch”, “linksys switch”, and “linksys sr2016”.

If you are considering buying this product, DON’T. You will regret it. This product is a lemon. Read the reviews at newegg.com – everyone’s SR2016 switch dies after 9-12 months. It happened to us and brought our service down for over an hour. It will happen to you. Spend the extra money to buy a quality piece of hardware instead. You will be glad you did. Here is another thread about people having the same problem with 12 ofthe 16 ports dying randomly (this is what happened to us).

That is all.

Update! Google has already indexed this post (man they’re fast these days – seriously that was only about an hour!) and the results are fantastic!

Search for Linksys Gigabit Switch SR2016 – first result!
Search for Linksys Gigabit Switch – first page!
Search for Linksys Switch – second page!

That is satisfaction, and it almost makes up for the hour of hell I spent this morning in their phone queue.