Lots of new stuff related to tracking being released today.

OnClick goals

You can now declare goals from Javascript events, aka “OnClick”. This has been a big request. Docs.

Internal script logging

We have documented the API that our tracking code uses to log data, which means we officially support this now. You can log any data you want to it, anytime you want, from anywhere. Validation is done with a new sitekey, called the “Admin sitekey”. This is available in your site preferences. We know this will be insanely useful to all of you who use internal redirects for outbound/affiliate links. I get questions on that all the time, so you should love this! We also wrote this PHP function as a “simple” way to add this functionality to your own app. Use something other than PHP? Rewrite and send it to us, we’d love to offer it to our users.

I’m pretty sure that Clicky is the only service in the world that offers this type of functionality. Please tell me otherwise if this is incorrect.

Better customized tracking

There is now just a single Javascript variable called “clicky_custom” to deal with all aspects of customized tracking (adding custom user data, changing the pause timer, etc). Much cleaner and easier to work with, and a few extra features too. “pageview_disable” to disable the automatic logging of a page view on initial load, and “href” and “title” properties to customize the URL and page title that is logged for that page view. The docs have rewritten from scratch with all the new stuff added in. Backwards compatibility is built in so you don’t need to change any of the existing features you’re already using, such as custom data tracking. To use the new features, you’ll need to update to the new methods though.

Update sessions after-the-fact

Using the same API mentioned above, you can update sessions well after they are expired, to add your own custom data to them, and declare goals and/or revenue. I get many emails from people who can’t add tracking code and/or javascript variables to their shopping cart pages. Now you can update sessions later if you want, to declare the goal and revenue for that visitor.

It’s 3am. Time for bed.