Sorry about the necessary maintenance today. We will be down for a good 4 or 5 hours probably. Your data is still being logged, so don’t worry about that. Although when we come back online, it will take a while for your stats to catch back up with real time.

With the recent redesign, a few big sites in China wrote about us, and in turn a few days later a few big english sites wrote about us, so we have had a LOT of new traffic, both from people using the site and also logging their sites’ traffic.

There have been a few database optimizations I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and all this new traffic hit home that it couldn’t wait any longer. Unfortunately when you have a database as big as ours (over 200 million rows and 10GB data including indexes), changes take a LONG time. Right now it’s already been 2 hours since I took the site down, and things are going a bit slower than I had hoped. The updates are about half way done, so I expect it will be another few hours and the site will be back.

Sorry about any inconvenience!

Update 1:45PM – All done! I’m giving the database another 20-30 minutes to catch up on your data before I let you all back in again though 🙂 It will still be several hours behind real time but it will eventually be caught up!