Some of you with a large number of sites justifiably complain that the user homepage can take a while to load. This is because we have to lookup traffic data for every single site in your account before we display the page. Unfortunately we do not have a way to make this data lookup faster, but we can make the page load faster by just not looking it up at all, right?

So we’ve just added a new option on the userhome customization page to “make it load faster”. Checking this box will disable all data lookups and instead just show you your list of sites. It should load very fast, no matter how many sites you have in your account.

We’ve also changed the homepage so when you first come to Clicky, if you are already logged in, you will be automatically redirected to your user homepage. However, clicking any link on our site (such as the logo) will actually take you to our homepage. It’s only when you first come to the site via bookmark or by typing in “” that you will be automatically redirected to your user page instead.

What’s next

Other than answering emails, we basically took this entire month off for some much needed relaxation. But January will bring some exciting features. We’re planning to add the following new things next month:

  • IP tags/filters – These will become global so they’ll apply to every site in your account automatically. We’ll also be adding wildcard support (123.123.123.*) and the ability to import them from a comma-seperated list.
  • Favorites – flag the items you are most interested in so they’ll always show up at the top of your reports (pages, searches, countries, etc)
  • Urchin / Google Analytics campaign compatibility – we’re going to keep our existing “manual” campaign system, but we’re also going to add compatiblity with Google’s campaign tags (utm_campaign, etc). This will have two benefits. First, there will no longer be any need to setup a campaign manually in our system. They will be completely dynamic, so there will be no limits of them. Second, many people that use Clicky also use GA, so their existing campaigns will just automatically start working with Clicky without having to do anything (except pay for a Pro account!)
  • Android widget – one of our users made a basic Android widget. We were planning to commission this starting next month, but now that he’s laid a basic foundation we’re just going to pay him to make it do exactly what we’ve been dreaming about.