One of our most requested features has been to segment out image searches from “normal” searches. We have just added this, so you should start seeing a new entry in your traffic sources report:

This feature has been requested countless times, as far back as June 2008. We’re calling it “media searches” instead of “image searches”, since we want to be as general as possible and may add support for video searches or other types of media in the future. Image searches from Google, Yahoo, and Bing are supported at the moment. We’ve also renamed “Direct / Bookmark” to just “Direct”, and “RSS readers” to “Syndication”.

Other new features and bug fixes from today:

  • Windows phone 7 detection (will show up as just “Windows phone” though)
  • The new “Google Web Preview” bot is now blocked by default as requested
  • AOL recently moved to “q” as the default search parameter in their search engine, so their searches were just showing up as links in Clicky. We’ve updated our code to support this new parameter. It still supports the old ones too (query and encquery) in case those are still used anywhere.
  • In October, we added support for referrers, which is what we see when someone clicks on a paid search on Google. However, there’s been a bug where these were referrers were showing up in your main “links” report, which normally only shows non-search referrers. We’ve fixed this bug, which was probably quite annoying for those of you running paid searches on Google.

That’s all for today! You should start seeing us go back to our regular feature release schedule, where we release new stuff almost every week. The last few months have been insanely hectic from the massive redesign and tons of traveling and a big partnership integration we’ll be announcing soon. We are excited to get back into the groove of writing lots of code because that’s what we live for.