Mega Spy is now in public beta, which means all users have access to it.

Go to your Spy page, then click the “test the mega spy beta” link to check it out. It still has some issues and is not yet feature complete, but we’ve drastically increased the performance since the original beta was released on Friday. It now runs very fast on all browsers, including MSIE. This will also really help you out if you have a slow computer.

By this coming weekend we plan to add in support for goals and campaigns, and maybe organizations and hostnames, if the performance hit on the server end isn’t too bad. We’ll also be trying to add a nice highlight effect on the popular data view, so you can more easily tell which data is actually changing when it refreshes.

Free accounts also have access to both versions of Spy during the beta period. Once you get a taste, we think you’ll have a hard time resisting that upgrade. Mega Spy will be a Pro-only feature when the final version comes out. Blogger accounts will only have access to the old Spy. Sorry, but all the new stuff that the new Spy is doing is quite intensive on the server end. If we could offer Clicky for free to everyone – we would!

Please leave all feedback as a comment on this post. Enjoy!