Mega spy has come out of beta. It is now just “Spy”, and the old Spy is now called “Spy basic”. This also means the new Spy is now only available to Pro members, as was originally announced.

We didn’t have time to make as many improvements as we wanted but don’t worry, we will be visiting this again in the near future. We did manage to squeeze in the top 2 most requested features though – linking to external searches, and showing the visitor’s location in a tool tip when you hover over their flag in the right hand side.

For consistency we’ve been trying to make it so ALL external links in your stats are accessed via that little grey arrow you all know so well, and all other links (in your stats) are generally for navigation or to apply visitor filters. Spy’s new layout was too cramped we felt to do this all with, so now all external links in the action stream (to your own pages, or to referrers/searches) just link directly to those external pages.

New features for free users

We’ve been wanting to offer some more features to our free users for a while now. We really wanted to offer the basic version of Spy to all of you – but it just sucks up a ridiculous amount of resources supporting that, so we can’t do it. The load averages on our tracking serveres were averaging more than 4x their typical load during the last 2 weeks when all sites had access to both versions of Spy. So we can’t give you that, I’m sorry.

But we did give you 2 more features: Bounce rates, and IP tags and filters (but you are limited to 10 max). Also “most active visitors” was for some reason a pay-only feature, which I don’t ever remember deciding on, and it’s not like it’s the most amazing feature in the world that will get everyone