If you’ve ever looked at our global marketshare reports, it’s been clear that we’ve been detecting most mobile phone models for a few months now. We’ve been wanting to add this to the data for your own web sites as well, but first we had to make some optimizations to the way some data is stored for each visitor, because it was getting way out of hand.

Today we finally made these optimizations so we’re able to attach this data to your visitors now. However, these changes affect the way that filtering works for the following data types – browsers, os, organizations, and hostnames. So any filtering you do for today (Feb 10) will probably be incomplete, as the change was made in the middle of the day. Filtering data prior to Feb 10 will still work fine, and anything after that will too, it’s just this specific date that will have incomplete data.

We also are now providing a general hardware report, showing the top phone models used to access your web site. These are grouped by operating system family, as you can see in the second screenshot below. We’ve actually been logging this data for at least a month or so, but weren’t reporting it. Note that since this data was not attached to visitors, filtering by mobile hardware doesn’t work prior to Feb 10.

This data has also been added to the “Platforms” dashboard module (renamed from “Computer”), and has been added to the iPhone mobile interface as well.

Mobile hardware analytics requires a Pro or higher account.