Oh man did our old “integration” help page need an overhaul. Other than adding links to some new plugins as they were brought into our knowledge, it hadn’t been updated at all since 2007! And boy was it ugly. Plus, there was no mention of any of the apps that people have written for Clicky, such as ClickyTouch or ClickyChrome, anywhere on our site. (Other than blog posts announcing them, which soon disappear into the great ether.)

Unacceptable! I just spent the last four hours redoing the entire page, making it very quick and easy to find and install all of the applications and plugins that our awesome customers have developed over the years. Not a single piece of software on this page was written by us. It’s all you and we love you for it! I also added a link to it in our main sidebar navigation that you see on all pages other than when viewing reports, because we want as many people as possible to know about all of this great software.

Check out the new Apps & Plugins page here. And if you know of an app or plugin that’s not listed there, or one you may have written yourself, let us know about it! We will be more than happy to add it to this page.