Well that was fast! Thanks to Yoast for his efforts, he completed this in less than 12 hours from the time he started working on it. He’s pretty good. In addition to the existing features (outputting tracking code, tagging your visitors, and ignoring admin visits), our new WP plugin boasts the following awesome new features:

  • View stats from within your WP dashboard
  • clicky.me URL shortener integration
  • Option to automatically post new stories to your Twitter account with a clicky.me short URL when new stories are published
  • Goal integration (bonus!)

This requires WP 2.8 or higher. It has been thoroughly tested by myself and Yoast, but, there may be random issues we didn’t encounter, or compatibility problems with other plugins. If you have any problems at all, please post them here so we can try to fix them as fast as possible.

If you have the old plugin installed, delete it before installing this one!

Download the new Clicky WordPress plugin here