If you log custom data with Clicky, you’re probably going to like this new set of features. If you’re not logging custom data, you should – it’s one of our best features.

Up until yesterday, for our own reports on getclicky.com we have only been logging usernames of those of you logged in to our site. This adds a lot of personality to the visitor reports. But a lot of you log a lot more types of data such as shopping cart information, account status, things like that. I’ve been wanting to add summary reports for this custom data for quite a while, not only for you, but also because there were other types of data we were interested in seeing about who is using our service on a day to day basis. There wasn’t much point though since there was no way to see a summary of it. But now there is!

If you log custom data, you will see a new item in the main tabs when viewing your site. And if you don’t log custom data, this item doesn’t show up. Here’s what the main report looks like:

As you can see, when someone is logged in to Clicky, we’re now also tracking what type of account they have and how long they’ve been a member. And we added support for attaching goals to this data, so we can see what goals the different types of accounts are completing, as well as their revenue (hidden here).

What I really love is that the sub-tabs for this Custom report are dynamically generated based on the different types of custom data you’ve been logging to your site. So you can click on any of those sub-tabs to see a report for just that family of data, or, you can just click the ‘more…’ link at the bottom of any family, just like other family style reports (browsers etc – speaking of which, some of those were broken because of horrible code, and have now been fixed as well as optimized to generate faster). (Note: Internally, data types that have “parents” and “chidlren” are called “families”, in case you are confused).

You can click any of the items in this report to immediately see all visitors with that custom data attached to them, and you can also click any “parent”, for example “account type”, to see all visitors who have any “account type” data attached to them, no matter what its value is.

Not done yet!

The new goal report we released about 4 months ago has been a big hit. We thought it would be pretty great to see custom data in this report too, so we added it: (Screenshot has been slightly modified to make it smaller)

We also created a dashboard module for custom data, and the sub-tabs are dynamically generated just like they are for the main custom report:

Last but not least, all of these items are graphable too. Just click the trend percentage next to any custom data in any report (main report, dashboard, goal report) to see its history over time. Of course, we’ve only been logging this data for our stats for about 24 hours so it’s not terribly exciting yet:

If you use custom data with Clicky, we think this will be a nice addition. And if you’re not using it yet, you really ought to look into it. Full documentation is here.