On your user homepage, you may notice a new option to “Manage users”. What is this? Oh, only about the most requested feature of all time.

Anyone with a Pro or higher account can now create additional user accounts that can be assigned read-only or administrative access to one or more of your existing sites. This is great way to let your clients login to our service and only be able to view the stats they should have access to, without having to share your entire account with them. Sub-user admins have full control over a site, including changing preferences and setting up goals, campaigns, etc. The only thing a sub-user admin can’t do is delete the site itself.

There are limits though, because we don’t want to cannibalize our white label service. The white label service has always had this feature, but with the white label, there are no limits with how many users you can create (not to mention, you can fully rebrand the service as your own!). So we had to create some limits here.

Pro accounts can create up to 3 additional users. Super Pro and Custom accounts can create up to 7 users. Most of our users are Pro, so if you need more than 3 users, please upgrade to Super Pro, and if you need more than 7, please consider our white label service.

We’ve gotten countless requests for this over the years and finally decided it was about time we added it to the standard offering. Enjoy!