We just pushed two new features today.

The first is site domains, where we break down the traffic on your site by the domain name each page view was on. This will only be interesting if your site has multiple sub-domains, or you are tracking more than one root domain under a single site ID – but we know that there are a lot of you out there that this will apply to, as it has been requested a number of times.

This new report is under Content -> Domains. Note that we are only logging the domain name for each page view, to give you a general idea of where your traffic is going. You can’t filter other reports by this data.

A commonly requested and related feature is breaking down traffic by directory. We will be adding this in the future.

The second feature is the ability to ignore page views based on their URL. This has been requested by many customers!

This can be setup in your site preferences, as explained in this new knowledge base article. You can enter in one or more patterns to match and all page views that match those patterns will be ignored. Side effects: 1) If a visitor only views pages that match your filters, the visitor will not be logged at all. 2) If a visitor lands on one of these filtered pages but then views other pages, some data only available on their first page view, such as referrer, will not be available.

The help document linked above also explains how to set these up. We support wildcards but only on the end of a pattern, for example. Read it for full details.

We get requests to ignore traffic based on other things too, such as country, referrer, and organization. Some or all of these will likely be added in a future update, and when we do that we’ll probably just create an entirely new preferences section just for setting up things you don’t want to log, instead of piling more options onto the main site preferences page.