We just launched our new mobile site, in development the last couple of months. The old one was built with iUI, hot for the time (2008) but crusty by today’s standards.

jQuery mobile (JQM) was our framework of choice. Since it has all those fancy events, we wanted to track those too. Automatically, of course. With JQM growing in popularity, we decided we’d build a plugin that pairs with our tracking code to track these events automatically, and then release the plugin for everyone to use once we were done. And, we’re done.

Instructions for the plugin are available here. Basically you just add a single line of javascript after the Clicky tracking code in your HTML, and that’s it. See the link above for more info.

A screenshot of the new mobile site is below. It shows the main dashboard after selecting a site on the previous page. In the old site, you had to select a date range right after selecting a site, because of severe limitations of the framework we were using. Now there are actual menus (amazing, I know) which you can see in the top right: a shortcut to change the date, and the other ones brings up a side panel with more options.

You can graph trends just as you could before, although we’re not showing trends here other than right on the main dashboard (we couldn’t make trends fit in with the new style of reports). Instead, in a report such as “traffic sources”, click on the number itself; that will popup a graph and there are options to change the date range.