We have converted to a native graphing library (Highcharts) that works on almost every platform, including iPhone and iPad. It loads faster and it looks good. The graphs look and feel the same as the old ones, so other than the fact that they will now work on your non-Flash devices, you can barely tell the difference:

Bonus: this will finally allow us to send PDF email reports. In fact, those have been under development for about a week now, alongside this. They’re almost done… we were planning to release them at the same time but a few last minute issues dashed those hopes. Tomorrow, perhaps.

The only bad thing about Highcharts is that it doesn’t (yet) work on Android, because Android doesn’t support SVG. The next version will supposedly have SVG, but in the meantime the developers are working on an update to make this library compatible with this OS, as can be seen on github. For now, Android users will see the old school bar graphs instead. (I’m an Android user so yes I take this problem quite seriously.)

Ok, so we do have one last piece of Flash left on our site, that being the maps you see in Locale->Global map. If anyone knows of a similar non-Flash library, do share.