In your email report area, there is a new option to “send now” next to any of your email reports. Going here will let you send a report immediately, instead of waiting for the next day/week/month. You can choose a custom date range for the report, and enter in different email addresses than the default. These will be inserted into a queue, which will be processed once per minute, so you should receive it within a few minutes of requesting it.

We are also investigating native graphing libraries, such as highcharts, to replace our flash-based graphing system. Once this is in place, we will be adding PDF as an attachment option to our email reports, which will essentially be screenshots of how your reports look on the web site (minus the sidebar). This of course also means that the graphs will work on all modern mobile devices. Really, that’s the main motivation to move to such a system, but having them in the PDF reports will be a nice bonus.