Our sponsored links have been in high demand and we sold out a few weeks back (we only allow 11 text links). Well, one of our links just expired so we now have ONE slot available to the first person who contacts us about it. You can see more information including pricing on this page.

We also have two links that are set to expire on June 27. They may or may not be renewed by the purchasers. If not, they will be available for others to take. Beyond that point, we don’t have any links expiring until the end of September. So if you’ve been thinking about buying one, don’t hesitate.

Please note, we desire links that are relevant to our user base (bloggers and web site owners). We will accept any link as long as it’s not offensive, but relevant links help increase the value of the sponsorship program and also ensures that you get more clickthroughs!

Update: It’s been taken! But only for one month. So, after June 27, we might have two more, if they’re not renewed. And this spot may re-open after July 5. To anyone who has interest.