As promised, by May 25 we are releasing tools to help you find and then export or delete personal data requested by your end users.

We cleaned up the user homepage a bit as you can see below. If there’s a new blog post within the last 30 days, the link/title is in the top right corner. This gives more room to the main links on the left, which are now in a single row instead of 2 rows. A bit easier on the eyes. And the link to manage personal data requests is in the “Your web sites” area. Couldn’t come up with a good icon for it since we already had a “person” icon for the sub-users link, so we just used a turtle which we had lying around because hey it’s cute.

The personal data management page has some brief info at the top about the purpose and how to use it, then there’s a form below that lets you search based on UID (tracking cookie), IP address, or a custom data tag if you’re using that feature. The screenshot below shows the search results for a UID that I entered into the form at the bottom.

You can click on any of the session IDs to view the session, or click the export or delete buttons at the bottom. If you delete the sessions, you will be asked for confirmation first. If you choose export, it will export all the data from every matched session (visitor info and all actions) in a plain HTML table. It actually just shows it to you instead of being a “forced” download, it’s kinda handy to just see right there. Use your browser’s “save web page” feature to save it as an HTML file and send it to the person who requested it.

The search form has no max date range, unlike the rest of Clicky, so it can take quite a while if your site is high traffic. Let us know if you have any questions or issues about this tool.