If your site ID is below 15,000 or so, you have probably noticed that all of your visitors have 1 action, and no referrers. There is a corruption on the actions database table that has prevented new data from being logged in this table since about 12 hours ago. We are working to fix it as soon as we can. Because of the size of this table, however, it will likely be several hours before it’s done. The database will have to be taken offline during this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 10:15am PST I have to make a trip to our data center to fix this, which is 90 minutes away. Thanks for your patience.

Update 3:30pm PST We have run into an extremely irritating problem with MySQL and have to re-import the actions database into a new file to fix it. There are hundreds of millions of entries, this will take approximately 8-12 hours. We are very sorry about this and will get this database back up as soon as is humanly possible.

Update 11pm PST The problems have been resolved and the server is processing the 12 hour backlog of traffic. This will probably take a good 6 hours. We’re really sorry about this. These things happen, thanks for understanding.