Our network host is requiring all customers to move their servers into a new server room they built last year. We’ve been putting this off for as long as possible, but the moment of truth has arrived.

We will try our hardest so there’s no time when our network is actually 100% offline, because that affects your web sites. The plan is to move one of the paired load balancers and one of the tracking servers into the new room, then take the other stuff offline and let the already-moved LB and tracking server take over tracking temporarily. When the other servers are moved and come back online, everything will magically pair back together. This way there won’t be more than a 5-10 second blip, and no tracking data will be lost.

The site will be in maintenance mode during the move, which we expect to take about an hour. When the database servers come back online, they will be behind real time by about an hour, so they will take a little bit to catch back up.

We’ve had our servers in the same set of racks in the same physical room for more than 4 years, so we don’t expect to have to do this ever again.