I’m happy to announce the re-opening of our sponsored link program. We have made some big changes, all of which are detailed on the sponsor page.

We now will sell more links than we display, which means links are shown on a rotating basis, and not all of them will be shown at all times. Every 10 minutes, the links are regenerated randomly.

We believe this will help increase clickthroughs while also allowing us to sell more links without cluttering up the site. People get used to things being in the same place all the time, and filter that stuff out. By making the links move around on a constant basis, they will stand out a lot more, which can only increase clickthroughs. This also gives everyone a chance to be “on top” once in a while.

There is now also the ability to “highlight” a text link (red text instead of blue), for an extra $10 a month. This makes your link stand out from the crowd. Free of charge, new text links will also have a star next to them for the first two days they are live, to highlight your new link.

A maximum of 3 graphical links, and 10 text links, are displayed at any one time – EXCEPT for our front page, which always shows ALL links for search engine purposes. We plan to have a maximum of 6 graphical links and 25 text links in our inventory (currently we have 3 and 9, respectively). So if we sold out, on average a given graphical link would be displayed 50% of the time, and a given text link would be displayed 40% of the time.

I have already talked to most of our existing sponsors and everyone so far is fine with this change. However, if I haven’t talked to you yet, and you are unhappy about these changes, please contact me to see what I can do for you, including a refund of your remaining term if you desire. But I truly believe this will do nothing but increase your clickthroughs – no joke!

Also, current sponsors, contact me if you are interested in getting a red highlight for your existing link(s).

To get your link on Clicky, head over here to get started.