When you set various options in Spy, such as zooming in the map or disabling the popups, used to be that it wouldn’t remember any of it next time you came back. Fixed that! We store your settings in a cookie so they’ll be restored everytime you visit Spy (on the same computer/browser). This is a Clicky-wide setting too, so any site you’re looking at or any account you’re logged into from the same computer – bam.

We’ve also added a request we’ve had more often than we would expect, which is having a sound effect play when a new visitor arrives. This is of course DISABLED by default. This feature will mainly be of interest for lower traffic sites, who don’t always have visitors online, but would like to know immediately when someone shows up.

The HTML5 audio element is being for this (yay, no flash needed!), and we have both mp3 and ogg formats so the sound will play in all five major browsers. Of course you will need a browser released within the last couple of years for it to work, but thankfully our userbase is quite good at abandoning old, depressing technology. For example, less than 0.5% of you are still on IE6 – that’s way better than average! It’s because you are SO AWESOME!!