We have a much bigger API release coming relatively soon, but in the meantime we wanted to get all the new data types from the new Clicky integrated into the API so you can immediately start using them. The person who originally developed our awesome widget (the first one on that page) is already hard at work on updating it to include these new features. Update: The new widget has been released! It may take a few hours before you see it though because of caching reasons…

I just activated the new API so it’s good to go as of now. The API documentation has been updated to reflect all the new data types that are available, as well as the filters that you can use with visitors-list and actions-list types (there are a lot of them!). The new data types available are below. Enjoy!

* bounce-rate
* searches-recent
* searches-unique
* links-recent
* links-unique
* visitors-most-active
* clicks