The Clicky API has arrived. We think you’ll like it. Nearly every piece of information you can see from the Clicky interface can also be accessed via the API, and you can get it in XML, JSON (JavaScript), or serialized PHP formats for easy implementation in a variety of applications.

What better way to celebrate than to give away $400 in cash plus free Pro accounts? No, we haven’t lost our minds. We want everyone and their grandma and their dog to get to work creating some amazing widgets for our users to put on their web sites or include on the “coming pretty soon” fully customizable dashboard. We thought some great prize money and a free pro account to the top three widget creators (as judged by us) would be a good motivator! First prize is $250 cashplus a free Pro account! WHOA!

(Note: You can make the pot even sweeter by donating a prize, whether it’s cash, tangible goods, or something else you think our users would love. We’ll put your name and a link to your site on the contest page. Contact us).

Do you have what it takes to rock our world? Contest details are here!

Oh, and we’d absolutely love you to death if you spread the word by blogging about this, telling your friends, or digging this story.

Hope to see some awesome widgets out of you guys!