We’ve had all sorts of requests to improve the user homepage to give a better summary of all your sites with one glance. The screenshot above shows you what we have come up with, which you can see for yourself on your user homepage.

This is basically the Super Mega Uber Dashboard. The Dashboard of all dashboards. But hopefully not as controversial as when we launched the new site dashboard 🙂 Our goal was to make the most amazing, user-friendly, as-much-data-as-possible-but-still-clean-and-efficient interface that could possibly be made to overview the traffic on all of your web sites on one page. There is nothing else like this on the market. Well, not yet anyways. Give Woopra and Piwik a couple of weeks – they’ll soon have their own imitation of it.

Here’s a quick run down of everything:

  • By default, for each site you will see today’s visitor and action tally, and a graph on the right of the visitor count for the last 30 days.
  • You can customize the type of data shown for “today”. Options include visitors, actions, bounce rate, and goals (which includes revenue, if applicable).
  • Clicking on any of the links under “today” will refresh the graph with that data type. By default it shows visitors but if you click actions, for example, it will refresh with the daily action tally.
  • You can change the date range for this “tally” data with the same options on the normal dashboard – 30, 60, 90, or 180 days, and weekly (26 weeks) or monthly (12 months).
  • You can sort your list of sites by alphanumeric (default), or any of the data types you have enabled for “today” – e.g. most visitors, most actions, etc. Your sort preference is remembered until you change it at a later time.
  • You can also view “popular” data types for each site. By default the options are searches, links, and pages, but you can customize it to have any and all data types available in the drop down menu.
  • You can customize how many results are displayed for popular data. Default is 10, but available options range from 5 to 50.
  • There are “global” menus (in blue) at the very top. If you change the data type to “searches” for example, all of your sites will refresh to show your top searches. Very usefeul and amazing.
  • There is a global date menu shown in this screenshot, but there is a bug with a few of the major web browsers that we haven’t been able to fix yet (Surprisingly enough, MSIE is the only browser that actually works 100% correct for this menu. Is it just me or are pigs flying?). Until that is fixed, the global date menu is disabled for all types. But we know you’ll find it uber awesome once we get it working right. Being able to, for example, refresh all of your sites with just a few clicks to show the monthly visitor tally, or the top searches from the last 30 days, is insanely amazing.
  • Option to hide the forums from your user homepage, if you find them distracting.
  • Customizaton, sorting, dates, and global menus are only available for premium members. Since free members are limited to 1 site and 30 days of history anyways, this really isn’t much of a limitation.

Thoughts? We’re really happy with it from our own internal use, but we fear our page view limit is going to drop, with so much data available on one page. We know, the page view is dead and all, but still, it’s a number that’s hard to let go of.


By popular demand, you can now disable the line graphs. This has the unfortunate side effect of disabling the popular data options as well, since they shared the same space previously. When disabled, you will see “yesterday” and “last 7 days” instead, as shown below. This brings it back to being quite similar to the old userhome, except it looks a lot cleaner, and you still get the sorting options and the ability to choose a few additional types other than just “visitors” and “actions”.