The last few months we’ve been growing faster than we want to. That’s a nice problem to have but it has its consequences. We’ve been getting a surge of high traffic sites using our service, so our tracking servers are really struggling right now. You may have noticed a bit of lag when our tracking code tries to log data to our home servers – that is a result of this. Of course, that data is logged asynchronously, which means it shouldn’t interfere with anything on your site, but it’s still annoying.

As we’ve grown there have always been software tweaks we could make to boost performance, but we’re out of options now, these things are as optimized as they’re going to get.

We apologize for this lag recently, but of course it’s going to get fixed. This weekend, we’ll be adding an additional 2 tracking servers into the mix (currently, there are 3). These 2 servers are much higher end than the existing ones, so it will be 150-200% capacity boost instead of just 67%. This will give us a lot of breathing room, which we could really use.

What’s next?

The last 3 weeks we’ve been working on a massive overhaul to the entire web site. It started as just an overhaul to the stats interface, but we decided the entire web site could use an update. This update is awesome but it’s also a lot of work. We hope to have a beta available late next week for you to play around with, as we expect there to be some bugs (particularly with older browsers), so we’ll ne