• “Small site” mode is back. If your browser window is less than ~1100px wide, then the sidebar flips back to the top, kind of like the old Clicky, but a bit more space efficient because there are more tabs.
  • Those of you with more than about 20 sites, the site selection menu now tiles to the right so you can see more than the first 20. This has been a huge request that we didn’t consider originally because we don’t track that many sites ourselves.
  • The clock is back! In the top right corner. It’s part of the “stats header” element though, which is not shown in “small site” mode to save space.
  • “Small site” Spy users – visitors online value is now shown again. That was a silly oversight.
    Wordpress plugin – when viewing stats from your WP admin area, the layout was messed up because of the sidebar which we were hiding. Now that “small site” mode is back, however, it should work correctly again.
  • There were a few minor bugs with Ajax forms that have been fixed, and lots of other minor bug fixes.

Before bringing “small site” mode back (we disabled it right after official new Clicky release because of serious bugginess), we asked you to help us test the new code on beta.getclicky.com. No one reported any bugs with it so it should be good now!

Note that you may need to force refresh your browser window to get these changes.

We are planning one more fix later today – making the navigation tabs auto-update to the proper state when you click “back” or click a link that brings you to another page that should have another tab highlighted instead.