We’ve added a much requested feature to the user homepage: a row at the bottom summarizing your total numbers across all of your sites. This can add a bit of loading time to your user homepage though if you have a lot of sites registered, since it’s showing today, yesterday, and the last 7 days. So if you don’t need this feature and you feel this page loads too slow, you can disable it on your user home customization page.

Example screenshot is below of what this looks like. (For you mathematicians out there, the numbers don’t add up because this is just a snippet of the top and bottom of my home page.) I also wanted to point out that the bounce rate is a weighted average, instead of just sumOfBounces/numberOfSites. Enjoy!

Update May 19: Due to popular demand, we changed it so this on top by default, instead of the bottom. If you want it on bottom instead, we added a new preference to put it down there, on your user prefs page. You can also turn it off entirely, as you could before, if you don’t want it at all.